Vince Welsh
Main Instigator / Unabashed Beach Boys Freak
“Like the great AM and FM stations of the past, I want Rock-ED to provide kids with free access to all the great songs and artists that kick-started the rock ‘n’ roll era.”
Kristi Bordelon
Director of Curriculum Development*
“Rock Ed shares music, video and storytelling - bringing the history of rock ‘n’ roll to life.  Learning about history from the people who made it helps students build a bridge between the past and the present.”
*Unwilling to Accept Humorous Job Title
Frank Eberling
Writer / Director / Bearded Father Figure
“These are some of the greatest stories ever told about the early days of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s an honor to be here to preserve them.”
Lawton Chiles
Chief Co-Conspirator / Former Teen Idol
“Educating people about rock ‘n’ roll music and being able to inspire kids while teaching America’s history and culture is a very exciting thing to do.”